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Casta Melody (my oc) by aikojonas3 Casta Melody (my oc) :iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 2 0 MHOC Merabell Ice by aikojonas3 MHOC Merabell Ice :iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 6
Joe's adventures part 10
???: im James Diamond
Christy: whoa your from BTR
James: yep
Joe: is the rest of the band with you
James: sadly no but someone was here with me his at the campsite we should head there before we get an ambush
GLaDOS: as much as i hate to say it he's right i detect lots of baddies here
(they walk to the campsite and they see a man in a green shirt, brown coat, a purddy hat, light brown pants, has glasses on and a magic gun)
???: I see your back with friends
James: yea this is Joe, Mirabell, Christy and GLaDOS
Joe, Merabell,Christy and GLaDOS: hi
???: I'm Linkara
Christy: so how did you guys end up here
Linkara: well i was getting ready to do a comic review when i got attacked by a mysteryous shadow then i think i got knocked out and the next thing i know i am here
James: and i was getting ready for some r&r and i got knocked out as well and ended up here
Merabell: wow
GLaDOS: that no good Wheatley is causing allot of trouble already we got to stop him before more people get into other w
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 1 2
Joe's adventures part 9
(in the Aperture ship GLaDOS was reading a book on neruotoxin, Mirabell was on her part of the bunk-bed listening to music on her iPhone,Joe was lifting some weights and Christy was trying to get one of the monitors hooked up as a TV)
Orange core: incoming ship ahead
Blue core: it looks like someone tore it to pieces
Orange core: and it looks like its going to crash where were heading
GLaDOS: when that ship lands or crashes land just a few miles away from the other ship
Orange and Blue core: YES MAM
(Orange and Blue landed the ship 1 foot away from the other ship. world: dark wonderland)
Christy: that's strange (looks at GLaDOS) i thought we were the only ones that can go to the other worlds
Mirabell: i thought so to
(Joe sees someone in the ship )
Joe: guys someone's in the ship he may
Christy: lets take a look
(they come near the ship and they see a brown haired male trying to get out of the ship but cant somehow)
???: (sees Joe, Mirabell,Christy and GLaDOS) oh thank god someone's he
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
Christy's poem
Christy is my friend we'll be pals to the end
We talk on the internet we're quite a duet
She is quite a story teller as a friend she's stellar
She inspires me to write we'll always be tight
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 1 2
Mirabell as a mermaid for a costume party by aikojonas3 Mirabell as a mermaid for a costume party :iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 1 0
Mirabell and Joe's TAS interview part 2
Demyx: hey there guys its time once again for another episode of Demyxtime i'm here with Mirabell and Joe from Aikojonas3's storys and for Axel-DK64's new comic series The Anime Show my friend Axel (from KH not Axel-DK64) was going to join but he didnt want to so on to the questions. So Mirabell is it true that you and Joe will also be with Aikojonas3's friend's OC as well
Mirabell: yes we saw the poster for the anime show and we saw Becca's (Aiko's friend's)Oc there and we were exited for her.
Demyx: i see. (looks at Joe ) so Joe i heard you and Mirabell work at a game store with Sonic  in the show how dose it feel
Joe: it's awesome to be there working with Sonic because he's a cool guy and shadow to but we didnt get a chance to hang with him yet
Demyx: is there sometime in the future that you two and the others from Joe's adventures would join up together in one episode of The Anime Show
Mirabell: were not sure we just have to see
Demyx: ok well were going to take a break s
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
Joe's adventures part 8
(10 hours later)
Mirabell: Music spell (shoots a music note spell on Reala)
Reala: (got hit with that move and it was painful) this isnt over ( telaports to another place and the spell was gone)
Joe: sweet
(outside the tower)
NiGHTS: thanks for ending the spell
Christy: hey NiGHTS why dont you come with us
NiGHTS: sorry i would love to but i cant who would take care of this world
Joe: she has a point...ok we'll be in constant contact with you while were in other world ok
NiGHTS: ok hey where's Mirabell
( they see Mirabell looking at a photo of her and an adult)
Joe: who's he
Mirabell: this is my uncle Tony Dinozzo he's an italian but he loves to live in the world you live in
Joe: i see...don't worry im sure your uncle misses you to
Mirabell: (blushes) h-hey Joe
Joe: yes Mirabell
Mirabell: i love you ever sence we meet
Joe: you do
Mirabell: yea i loved everything about wanna hang out when we save the worlds
Joe: sure =)
Mirabell: awesome lets head back to the ship  
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 1 0
sweet 16
Mirabell: hurry she's coming
(everyone hides)
Aiko: hello where are you guys
( lights flickerd on )
Aiko: OMG guys thank you
Tallahassee: well we wanted to do something special for you  
Wichita: that's right
Little rock: Joe and Mirabell here had the idea
Columbia: yep and even Glados(with the help of the cores,turrets and a little help from Wheatley) aranged a song for you guys
Aiko: realy thanks Glados
(The song This is Aperture starts playing.................10 hours later)
Christy: bye Aiko Happy birthday
Joe: bye
aiko: bye guy i'll see you guys in the next Joe's adventures
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
joe's adventures part 7
NiGHTS: ok Reala is up in there in that tower i cant enter there because of Reala's spell
Mirabell: ok come on Joe(takes Joe into the tower)
Christy and GLaDOS: wait up Mirabell
(in the tower )
Reala: ahh we have visitors this will be fun
( Mirabell, Joe, Christy and GLaDOS got to the top )
Mirabell:  all right Reala ready to fight
Reala: oh im ready as ever
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
Joe's adventure part 6
???: hello there
Joe: um hi
GLaDOS: Who are you
NiGHTS: My name is NiGHTS i welcome you to the world of dreams im glad someone is here
Mirabell: why do you say that
NiGHTS: My old enemy Reala  is causing to much trouble and he's joined by some dark alliance
GLaDOS: Wheatley's team of villans
NiGHTS: that's it
Christy: dont worry NiGHTS we will help you
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
Monster High
(Oh, you give me the chills!)
Merabell: Walking down a darkened hallway
Everybody turns to look at you
It's not because you're different
It's just because you're so scary cool
Ami,Yumi and GLaDOS: A sinister style, mystery with a smile
You're drop dead gorgeous, drop dead gorgeous
This school gives me the creeps, but when I'm with my peeps
You can't ignore us
This is where the ghoul kids rule!
all the girls: Monster, monster high
Monster high
Monster, monster high
Come on, don't be shy
Monster high
The party never dies
Monster, monster high
Monster high
Monster, monster high
Freaky chic,and fly
Monster high
Where student bodies lie
Joe: Hey, Frankie's got me fallin' apart
Oh, Draculaura's stealin' my heart
Clawdeen Wolf, you make me howl at the moon
Lagoona, you're the finest fish in this lagoon
Cleo De Nile, you so beguile
Even though you act so vile (uh huh)
And Deuce has stone-cold style
These are my boos, my skeleton crew
A little strange, but so are you
Don't you wanna be
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 2 10
Your a men one mr.grinch
Merabell:You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch.
You really are a heel.
You're as cuddly as a cactus,
You're as charming as an eel.
Mr. Grinch.
You're a bad banana
With a greasy black peel.
You're a monster, Mr. Grinch.
Your heart's an empty hole.
Your brain is full of spiders,
You've got garlic in your soul.
Mr. Grinch.
I wouldn't touch you, with a
thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.
You're a vile one, Mr. Grinch.
You have termites in your smile.
You have all the tender sweetness
Of a seasick crocodile.
Mr. Grinch.
Given the choice between the two of you
I'd take the seasick crocodile.
You're a foul one, Mr. Grinch.
You're a nasty, wasty skunk.
Your heart is full of unwashed socks
Your soul is full of gunk.
Mr. Grinch.
The three words that best describe you, are as follows, and I quote:
You're a rotter, Mr. Grinch.
You're the king of sinful sots.
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched
With moldy purple spots,
Mr. Grinch.
Your soul is an apalling dump heap overflowing
with the most disgraceful asso
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 2 2
joe's adventures part 5
Merabell: ok i fixed the ship but i also upgraded it so that way we can have more people to the team
Christy: good thinking Merabell Wheatley is not alone on this job so we need all the help we could get
Merabell: yea (her phone is ringing ) oh excuse me for a sec ( goes away for a min )
GLaDOS: are you sure we need more help
Christy: yes Wheatley has more help like Bowser, Spat, Zatsune and many more
Merabell: im back now lets get this show on the road
Joe: ok let fire this thing up and go to the next world
( they entered the ship and blasts off for the next world )
(world: nightopia )
Christy: hey Merabell where are we
Merabell: well from the looks of this place were in nightopia
Joe: nightopia?
Merabell: it's a world where dreams and the dreamers them selves go to and the nightopians live here
(sees a purple jester-looking thing fly past Joe and the others )
Merabell: what in din's name was that
(to be continued )
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 0
joe's adventures part 4
Orange core: GLaDOS some one is taking control of the ship
( then a blue different looking core was on the video chat screen)
???: missed me
GLaDOS: Wheatley
Wheatley: yes its me oh and look GLaDOS has a new test subject wonderful what happend to chell oh yes she's gone and as for you to good bye (sends GLaDOS and Joe crashing to a nearby world)
(world: the Lunaverse )
Joe: ( wakes up and feals dizzy ) oh man that's gotta hurt in the morning
GLaDOS: just be glad it wasn't a lava world
Joe: (sarcastic) lucky us (hears music from over at that garden)
GLaDOS: ( knew what Joe was thinking) ok
( slowly they looked over the hedge and sees a blue hared girl with a witch's hat and a wand and a brown haired girl having a party)
???: (sees Joe and GLaDOS) oh look Christy visitors
Christy: awesome ( some how drags Joe and GLaDOS in there little party area) my name is Christy and that is Merabell
Merabell: hi
Christy: so where are you two from
GLaDOS: im from APETURE SCIENCE and Joe's from Califor
:iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 0 4
Merabell as a Vocaloid by aikojonas3 Merabell as a Vocaloid :iconaikojonas3:aikojonas3 1 4


100th Comic - Meet the Management by JasperPie 100th Comic - Meet the Management :iconjasperpie:JasperPie 151 77
DanganWonka: Celestia and the Blueberry Bet
Riding on a glorious high, Junko continued to lead her little tour group further into the depths of the factory. Her mind raced with near endless possibilities on where they could go or who would be the next to fall. Practically skipping along, nothing was going to bring down her stellar mood.
“HOLD IT!” Junko skidded to a halt. A look of malice filled her eyes yet her smile never faded. Her heart fluttered with excitement as she realized it was Celestia that spoke up, standing in the back of the group with a fury in her eyes.
“Is something wrong Ms. Goth Lolita? Do you need to use the bathroom?”
Celestia’s rage strengthened as she barked at their hostess yet again. “You humiliate and imprison Chihiro and you expect us to follow you along? You must think we’re all idiots here.”
“Well, not all of you…” Junko giggled, giving Akane a furtive glance. She giggled in her trademark fashion while approaching the loud, angry girl
:iconsir-wales:Sir-Wales 97 18
Dangan Island Pg. 15 by Tri-Falls Dangan Island Pg. 15 :icontri-falls:Tri-Falls 16 8 Rolf vs Love Bee by AfroOtaku917 Rolf vs Love Bee :iconafrootaku917:AfroOtaku917 89 10 Louise vs. Akko by MaxGomora1247 Louise vs. Akko :iconmaxgomora1247:MaxGomora1247 16 15 My Top 10 Witches and Sorceresses by YDKJGuy-Towers My Top 10 Witches and Sorceresses :iconydkjguy-towers:YDKJGuy-Towers 10 1 The Many Personalities of Sucy by Gollum123 The Many Personalities of Sucy :icongollum123:Gollum123 48 4 Hocus Dangan Pocus by Ceshira Hocus Dangan Pocus :iconceshira:Ceshira 418 12 - TEAM SKULL DISCORD SERVER - by DorkyAF - TEAM SKULL DISCORD SERVER - :icondorkyaf:DorkyAF 63 9 The Bugaloos- Merry by KrofftFan96 The Bugaloos- Merry :iconkrofftfan96:KrofftFan96 7 6 Specific Pokemon Z-Crystals by Pokemonsketchartist Specific Pokemon Z-Crystals :iconpokemonsketchartist:Pokemonsketchartist 14 4 Z-Crystals for each Pokemon type by Pokemonsketchartist Z-Crystals for each Pokemon type :iconpokemonsketchartist:Pokemonsketchartist 19 0 Future Gamebotz:Blaster Changer by alex20191 Future Gamebotz:Blaster Changer :iconalex20191:alex20191 5 0 Gingerbread Casta by ForTheLuvOfApplejack Gingerbread Casta :iconfortheluvofapplejack:ForTheLuvOfApplejack 8 2
Italian BrothersxDream!Reader: The Fourth Alices
You stood in a grassy field as you opened the yellow gate. Through this gate came not one, but two boys. “Hullo boys,” you purred.
“Ciao, bella!” the younger and happier looking one said taking your hand and bobbing it up and down wildly. “What’s your name?”
“I’m _________,” you said giving a small curtsy. “This is the dream; you may do whatever you wish. However you may not cause any deaths and you must not venture to the green castle and you must not go near the red cage.”
The older boy looked at you and asked, “And what if we do?”
You gave them a sweet smile, “What are your names?”
Still smiling you said, “Well Lovino, bad things. Bad things will happen.” With that you disappeared from their sights.
Lovino smiled at Feliciano, “So what do you want to do?”
Feliciano pointed to
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 103 32
FrancexDream!Reader: The Third Alice
You sat next to the dead man growling. This wasn’t what you wanted, all you wanted was a place to live and people to talk to and soon it was all going to go away again. And you’d be left in the dark once more. ‘I need people to dream me. I need it. I need it…’
Paying no heed to the dead people around you, you stood and once more summoned a door. This one was green.
“Maybe this time a girl will be more practical.” You said, “A gentleman…that’s a what I need…a gentleman with grace and manners.” You hissed the last bit at your last two dreamers. A dead Roderich and a caged Ivan.
A man dressed in a bright green walked through.
“Oh my,” he said, “where am I?”
You approached him, “This is a dream, welcome. Now I have a few rules for you; you cannot cause death by any means. Understand?”
“Why, yes,” he said, “my name is Francis, what’s yours.”
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 82 11


United States Minor Outlying Islands
well im 15 and i am a witching

Current Residence: the lunavirse
MP3 player of choice: i pod 8
Wallpaper of choice: JONAS
Skin of choice: mine * duh *
Favourite cartoon character: joe lucas
my one of my denviant art friends Axel-DK64 has been suspended he dose great comic ideas and one of them is The Anime Show (parody of the loony tunes show) and some cross over pics like him dressed up as the nostalgia critic why did they had to get him suspended =(
  • Listening to: jonas brothers * duh *
  • Reading: JONAS double take and Monster high
  • Watching: JONAS
  • Playing: jonas DS game
  • Eating: bananas
  • Drinking: sweet tea


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